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Power Out? Downed Power Lines?


View Map of Current Outages

View current power outages in Guelph and Rockwood that are affecting more than a few customers on our Power Outage Map. Outages are indicated by a red dot. If there are no red dots, there are no significant power outages. Note: While this map is updated every minute, the data available may be limited. Read disclaimer.

Report a Power Outage

If you wish to report a power outage, please call our Power Outage Line at 519.822.3014.

Please bear in mind, however, that a power outage can impact thousands of customers so the possibility of getting through may be limited. Please be assured that we will be making every effort to restore services.

In the event of a widespread outage, please be patient and listen to local radio stations, view our Power Outage Map for current outages or follow our Twitter stream (@guelphhydro) for updates.

Causes of power outages in GuelphReasons for Unplanned Outages

Power outages can be caused by the upstream loss of the electricity supply to our community, equipment failure, weather conditions, tree contact, wildlife interference, or vehicle accidents.

View our infographic to learn more about the most common reasons for power outages in Guelph. 

Many outages can be rectified using remotely operated switches. If this is not possible, Guelph Hydro emergency crews are deployed rapidly to make repairs and restore power to customers as swiftly as possible.

Planned Outages

Guelph Hydro supplies electric service via approximately 1,000 kilometres of overhead wires and underground cables to the customers in the City of Guelph and Town of Rockwood.

When it is necessary for Guelph Hydro to interrupt service to our customers to maintain or upgrade the system, we endeavour to provide adequate notification by letter, door hanger or verbal communication.

Detailed information about planned interruptions is located in our Planned Interruptions Information brochure.

Temporary Service Disconnections / Customer Planned Maintenance Outages

Guelph Hydro customers occasionally may need to temporarily disconnect their power supply from Guelph Hydro's network in order to upgrade electrical equipment or trim trees. Only Guelph Hydro staff or contractors may break a connection to your power supply.

To request an interruption to your service, please fill in an online Planned Maintenance Outage form. One of our staff will contact you to confirm your request.

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