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Online, by phone, by mail, and in person - choose how you want to pay.

Note: Appointments are required to visit Guelph Hydro offices. To schedule an appointment, call Customer Service at 519.822.3010, or email Customer Service.

Important information for residential and small commercial customers about your Guelph Hydro bill

Guelph Hydro is moving to monthly billing

Starting in November, 2015 Guelph Hydro will begin billing residential and small commercial customers in Guelph and Rockwood every month instead of every other month.

Learn more about what monthly billing means for you. 

Guelph Hydro customers warned of telephone scam

Guelph Hydro customers should be aware of a telephone scam currently being reported in Guelph. Guelph Hydro customers are receiving phone calls from someone claiming to represent Guelph Hydro and threatening disconnection of electricity service if an overdue account is not paid within 30 minutes through a wire transfer or pre-paid credit card.

Customers are reminded that Guelph Hydro never asks for bank information, a pre-paid credit card payment or wire transfer for overdue accounts. Read more information about this scam.

Never Miss a Payment - Automate Your Payments for the Ultimate in Convenience

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Automatic Pre-Authorized Payment from Bank Account

Have your payments automatically deducted from your bank account on your due date.
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Combine Automatic Pre-Authorized Payment With ebilling

Your bill arrives by email and is paid automatically from your bank account. As an added bonus, for every 10 customers who sign up for ebilling, we'll plant a tree through Trees for Guelph! Trees for Guelph logo
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Make Household Budgeting Easier with an Equal Payment Plan

Make household budgeting easy by spreading the cost of high seasonal bills over an entire year. 
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Combine Automatic Pre-Authorized Payment, ebilling, and an Equal Payment Plan

The most convenient and easiest way to manage your household budget! Predictable monthly payments are automatically deducted from your bank account. 
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By Mail

Mail your cheque or money order and payment stub to the address below. Do not send cash in the mail.
Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc.
395 Southgate Drive, Guelph, ON N1G 4Y1

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In Person

Pay at one of our convenient authorized payment locations or drop a cheque or money order into our dropbox.
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At Most Financial Institutions

Payment may be made at most financial institutions (a service charge may apply), online through your bank's website or via telephone banking.
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By Credit Card

Pay by Mastercard or VISA using Paymentus. Fee applied. Please note: personal information collected is stored by Paymentus, the third party offering this service, not Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc.

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Obtain Payment History

Need a copy of a past bill? Visit myenergy view for 24/7 online access to your account to view, download and print past bills, or call 519.822.3010 with your account number.

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Late Payments

Late with your payment? Learn about late penalties, interest charges and financial assistance programs that may be available. 
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Late Bill Payment and Chargespipe.pngNon-Payment of Account / Collections

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Payment Assistance

Difficulty paying your bill? Contact us immediately at 519.822.1750 between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM. We have a number of Bill Assistance Programs for customers in need. You may be eligible for a payment arrangement or other financial assistance. 
Payment Assistance

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