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Start, Stop, Move Service


Move In - Start residential electricity / water service with Guelph Hydro

The fee for setting up a new account is $8.75.  Please allow two business days to set up your new account.

Scroll to bottom of page for a list of information that will be required to set up your new account.

Move Out - Discontinue residential Guelph Hydro service

If you are moving out of the communities of Guelph or Rockwood, you will need to advise Guelph Hydro that you wish to discontinue your service. Please contact us at least two business days in advance to arrange to stop your service. We will arrange a final meter reading and obtain delivery details for your final bill. We can also provide you with a letter of reference for your next electricity supplier upon request.


Please be sure to provide your new mailing address and contact number so we can mail you a cheque if there is a credit once the final bill is calculated.

Transfer Residential Service - Move within Guelph or Rockwood

If you are an existing customer moving within the communities of Guelph or Rockwood and need to arrange a new residential account with Guelph Hydro, please advise Guelph Hydro at least two business days in advance of your move.


You will be asked to provide details about your new residence and make arrangements for a final meter reading at the residence you are leaving.

Temporary Discontinuation of Service

Customers and contractors occasionally require a temporary disconnection from their Guelph Hydro services to allow them to safely upgrade electrical equipment or trim their trees, etc.


Guelph Hydro policy is such that we will only allow our staff to break an electrical connection from our network.


Please fill in the online form below to request a temporary interruption of your service for maintenanace purposes.

A member of our team will contact you regarding your request.


Information Required to Set Up a New Account



Security deposit - billed upon connection. The deposit will be returned with interest after a one-year period with an excellent payment history or it will be applied to the final bill if service is discontinued prior to the one-year mark. The rate of interest is set at the beginning of the year.


Credit report from either Equifax at 1.800.465.7166 or TransUnion Credit at 1.800.663.9980. There is a fee for this service.


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